Sunday, May 27, 2007


I am making purses, just a couple! I saw something similar and thought that I give it a try myself so to make a long story very short. I got out pencil, paper, ruler and all the other stuff and whipped up these little beauties on Friday.
By last night I made four different ones.
Oh, and not to mention the trip to the fabric store on Saturday, I have of course plenty of fabric, from my quilting years. But all are little pieces, fine for quilting but not big enough for a purse.
More pics to come I am sure, maybe I have to open my own Etsy store to sell some because a girl can not use them all!
While I am sitting here I can hear T digging though his Lego's, maybe we have to look into that Lego building thing they have for a summer program at College.
Tomorrow we have the Memorial day parade, I am so looking forward to this, it is always fun to go to an event like that and to run into people and stay and hang out at the park for a while.
They have all kinds of activities and lots of T friends will be there too. One of the advantages of living in a small community.
Now off to enjoy my Sunday behind the sewing machine and some knitting.

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