Monday, May 28, 2007

Walking garlic??

Oh, how I love a good parade, especially when T is on one of the floats. The weather was perfect, not too hot and a nice little breeze. J and T got a little flag from the people from "giveakidaflag". Ha, you gotta love the kid part.

and then what other place has a walking garlic bulb on purple shoes and big sunglasses walking the city streets??

T enjoyed his time on the Rabobank float, yes, Dutch readers under you folks, there is a Rabobank in town, and the most funny thing for me is how they pronounce our Rabo bank here!!! It sound like "rob-a-bank"! Can you imagine the teasing that goes on between us when we ask our friend where she works.........

Of course I made tons of pics, but hey, can't post them all.
The parade ended in the park, we looked at all the floats and cars parked there, talked to friends and looked at the two helicopters that where parked across the street. T again lucked out and got to sit in the police helicopter.
We petted the search and rescue dog, (did I mention I want a dog??) and after that we walked to our car.
Tomorrow it is school again, we can not wait until it is vacation, only a couple more weeks.

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