Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Almost vacation

I've been busy, very busy. Making more purses, going to school helping out, cleaning, doing laundry etc.....
this one I made today, it is only missing it's button but there had to be dinner on the table so the button is waiting until tomorrow.

Oh, and there was gardening too, love this one, it hangs right in front of my window. Love the color.

Three more days of school and then it is officially Summer vacation. Tomorrow it is play-day at school, and after school we do have a little gathering for mister B, he is retiring and is treating his "kids" on a nice outing and Pizza!
And the whole week he is been busy to clean out his classroom (or otherwise known around school as "the man cave") he has been in this room for more than 15 years it is really a cave!
T comes home every day with new surprises he can use everything, today it was all the cards Mr B had pasted on the wall. In their good days the cards had nice bright colors, now they are all the same brown and tan color.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm maar volgens mij heeft T een moeder die best wel van oude dingen houdt.
Maar zolang hij nog niet thuis komt met Mr B voor jou zou ik me niet al te druk maken. (hihihihi)

Groetjes Anita

mamiluc said...

Als ik een winkeltje had wist ik wel waar ik die mooie tassen liet ontwerpen en maken.Dan kwamen jou tassen in mijn winkeltje heeft mij altijd al leuk geleken om in zo'n leuk winkeltje te staan met zelfgemaakte spulletjes.

groetjes marjan