Thursday, June 14, 2007


Woohoo, it is almost Friday, as in last day of school. Yesterday was play day and let me tell you it was hot outside! 97F . After school we all went to Chuckie's for pizza and playing with the games. Mr B loved those arcade games too. Always fun to go to those places, the kids get tokens and play, mom's and dad's (and teacher) sit together and talk.
kids in question only come back to the table, when tokens run out or when asked to sit down just long enough to eat (read scarf and gulp) and drink. Parent's take pictures of each other instead of teacher and his students, because that group does not stay in their seats long enough to be photographed.
When we came home, T did his homework, and played with Lego's. We had a little conversation too. usually it goes like this:
T; mom can I ask you something?
Me; sure
T; do you remember anything funny from when you where little? (he just loves those stories and can not get enough from them)
Me; I can not think of one right now ( yeah right, something more stupid stuff from me out in the open)
T; can you tell me the story again that grandma was barking in her sleep and grandpa had to laugh so hard the whole family woke up?
Me; sure (glad to tell that story because it is really funny)
And today we woke up to yet another hot day, man we are so ready for summer vacation.

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