Friday, June 29, 2007


Why does it seem like yesterday T had his last school day? Time flies by. Before you know it is Friday again. I do have some knitting to show off, the second sock with this self striping yarn.
Kinda boring pattern, but it makes for a nice mindless knit in the car.
And I have been making bags, now what I need it tags with a name on it, to sew in them.
Love the little one on top, red, white and blue for the upcoming independence day. Look closely, how do you like the smocking, my first try at it. Now I have tons of Ideas for other projects with it.

And I made about five of these bags, all in different colors and all of them are reversible.

Next I want to make a bag out of old men's ties, of course I tried to raid hubbies tie collection first, but I was not allowed to take the horrendous fluorescent green and black tie, or the tie with the dragon or the dalmatian on it. They could still be worn according to him. Yeah right.
There is also one with all kinds of luggage tags on it, or the yellow one with the logo.
Oh, well, next time he goes out all dressed up for a meeting, I will have only one of those ties ready. I am thinking, suit, red or blue shirt and a psychedelic black green tie. whhheeeeeooeee.

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Anonymous said...

Gave tassen hoor, maar eeeeh wanneer maak je nu eens een rugtas (hihihihhi)
Oma Jenny (hihihihihhi)

Groetjes Anita