Wednesday, June 20, 2007

cattitude and bugs

Meet our little friend, she belongs to the neighbors. But ever since they got a dog, she "hangs" with us. Outside of course, she can't come inside. (did I mention I want a dog??) Her name, Cloe, but because she resembles a big whale, we call her Shamu. We pet her, comb her fur and give her snacks. T loves her and goes outside at least twice a day just to pet and play with her.
And while bug hunting with my macro lens, she of course came up for some much needed TLC. I sneaked in some pics of her. It is the next best thing to (did I mention) a dog.

Hey, and look some bugs came in view too, not to much today, I really wanted a spider, but a fly will do too

and this one, no idea what it is, but it looked interesting.
the boys always make fun of me while crawling through the grass and looking closely to the trees to find bugs, believe me it is not easy to take pics of those animals, they are quicker on their feet and wings than I am and they sway in the wind with the grass or leaves they sit on.
T has fun playing, we only see him if he and his friends are hungry. Tomorrow it is the first day of summer!

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