Tuesday, June 05, 2007

field trip

we took a very special field trip today, we went up to the hot springs. T is so lucky that one of his friends dad is a park ranger, because the springs are closed to the public. It is so sad that it is so run down, it was a very special place in its heyday. It is deserted and the buildings are not safe to enter anymore.
But with a little Imagination you know it was a good place to go in the mid 1800.
And the kids had so much fun, they got to try on clothes the people would have in that time. The boys had a very good laugh when the corset came out. We walked down to the actual spring, it is so strange warm stinky water coming out of the ground. We even tasted it, just a little zip.
The bus ride up was quite the adventure too. imagine all the tight curves with a big school bus.
we hit a big boulder and the fender of the brand new bus was busted!
The big pools where closed of so nobody could fall in, but there where some soaking tubs that we still could see, the Hotel burned down in the 80. some vandals decided it would be fun, by then it was already empty. I just love these old places and took tons of pictures of course.

Hey, and if you have to go to the potty, the door is there, the toilet is gone!
If you want to know more check this out.

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