Friday, June 01, 2007


Friday, it is weekend the minute I pick up T from school. Every day after school he needs time to unwind, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes before he is his happy relaxed self again.
Today was different, he went on and on about how he really wants a Nintendo DS.
Why, because two of his friends have them. I did post about that story a while ago.
Anyway, they tease him, he does not have one, they take theirs to school. For one I do not agree with the mom's that have their kids sneak in those things.( the mom's know, because they play with them even right after school when they leave the classroom) Then the teasing, do I say something, or do I not??
So we had the BIG meltdown right when we came home, he counted his allowance, not enough, we knew that even without counting. He is saving up for one, but with the rate of $3 a week it is going to take a while. Boy do I feel for the kid, it makes my heart weak. The thing I want to do is run to the store and buy one, but what does that solve? I know nothing.
It so reminds me of all the things I wanted when I was a kid.
Some things are etched in my memories for ever, let me tel you, hubby and I both have those stories and mine make me laugh.
There we go,
One year I really really wanted a skateboard. My parents told me "too expensive, and where would you go to play with it?" good I have to agree now, the street in front of our house is cobblestones!! bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbumpy for a skateboard. But still I kept asking for it. Dad came up with his own version, he made me one out off a piece of wood and (get this) old wheels from a shopping cart. One problem those wheels are going all over the place, not the same thing that the cool wheels from a real skateboard.
The next year for my Sinterklaas I really, really wanted a gold ring with those color full gems.
And again I was told, "way to expensive" and again my dear Dad came up with his own solution,
He cut off a little ring of a copper pipe, perfect fit for my finger, he soldered on some of my mom's pins she used for sewing (you know the kind with the glass heads) and voila a ring.
I wore it for a week, my finger went really green, then I had to take it off.
Oh, how I wish I knew where that little ring was, I would treasure it forever!!!
And because I do not know how to make a DS from my crafting supplies, I am knitting him a little bird. He picked it out of one of my new knitting books.
I love my little man!!


Anonymous said...

Ik heb maar 1 vraagje.

Mag tante anita kleine jongentjes slaan ???

Groetjes Anita

mamiluc said...

Geweldig die verhalen van vroeger kan mij voorstellen dat T ze graag hoord.