Sunday, June 24, 2007


We spend our weekend at the Relay for Life. Every year we do this, and it is fun and tiring, but for a very good cause. All the money the teams collect goes to cancer research. It is emotional too, especially the survivors lap on Saturday morning to start the event and the luminary lap at nine in the evening. For twenty four hours every team has at least one member out on the track, usually walking for one hour.
There where cool cars,

lots and lots of fun things to do, or just hang around on the campsite for about give and take ten minutes!

Watch people go by, and sell stuff to raise money, play games like the firemen/policemen tug of war. I even took my knitting, but got no work done, to much chatting going on.
On to next year!
Go relay, Go!!!
T is so tired, it is bedtime very early tonight!!
I am ready for a little nap on the couch.

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