Friday, June 15, 2007

school is out

There was music, And plenty of food,
and there was "JOY",
I got to walk Scully,

And Tucker, (did I mention I really do want a dog??)

Isn't Tucker a sweetheart?? He walked the whole block around school to find the "perfect" spot. He likes to sit let's call it fluffy, totally cracks me up this little dog. Both the dogs belong to one of the teachers, and lucky me I see them regularly (by the way did I mention I want a dog??)
Anyway, school is officially out, report card and awards are in the house. T is now the proud owner of a academic achievement award for Math, and an Honor roll award, what am I saying, we have an honor roll student in the house!! Last the report card, no big surprises here, all O's and 3's and 4's, so no complaining from his parents.
So all is ready at the house for summer.

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Anonymous said...

Yeeeehee Summer is here (hihihihi)

Ik ben ook heel goed in rekenen.

1 + 1 = een dik stuk chocola

Groetjes Anita