Friday, July 13, 2007


I knitted two new friends, it just cracks me up! I found this pattern on Mochimochi website while surfing. Love all the toys, next up are the sausage dogs. look this are Hissyfit and his friend Tickles, but what is Tickles doing??
Oh, no, he is going to get eaten.....

can you still see him??

Lucky for us he was just hiding for me his big human friend, and thank goodness their toupees are still looking mighty fine!!

And not to forget, a backpack for my little T, he picked the fabric. It turned out really good, better than in the picture. The fabric is not easy to photograph. T is very happy and is going to use it for school (what a complement for me) I hope his books will all fit in there.
On to the next backpack, this time fabric choise is mine!!

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Anonymous said...

Ik wil een echte girly girly backpack (hihihihihihihi)

Maar die van Tycho is erg cool geworden zeg, geen wonder dat hij die wel mee wil nemen naar school straks.

Groetjes Anita