Monday, July 30, 2007

fun and food (strange food)

It was hot, but not as hot as the last couple of years, and of course lots of fun. Another year behind the belt, the Garlic festival came and went this weekend. My most memorable moment, the people grossing out on me eating alligator (pictured above) and rattlesnake. Booth 51 has my name on it. Although I love the not so cuddly animals, I have yet to try the kangaroo meat. My fellow workers kept calling me gator-breath the whole afternoon, But with the amounts of garlic in all the food (yummmmmmmm) I bet it was just the rose they kept smelling.
It is always amazing that people travel to here only to go to the Garlic festival, I even had some Russians come up to the booth. Ha, of course I had to practice the two words Russian I know. We also talked to people from all over the states, Japan, Germany (practiced my German) and even cursed in Dutch. That last one was very funny, the guy wanted a glass of wine, he was with some friends and he told of his friend by cursing in Dutch, but with such a heavy American accent that I had to laugh and in Dutch told him to keep his cool. (the word GVD was used by both of us) the guys start howling with laughter. Turns out his wife is Dutch and taught him how to curse in Dutch in order to keep him from cursing in English so nobody could understand him.
After the closing it is time to turn out the flame from the big garlic bulb at the entrance, this is only watched by all the volunteers. It is a whole parade, first the police on horseback, then on motorcycle, then on bikes, then in cars, the firetruck and firefighters in golf carts. lots of sirens and laughter. The hose is rolled out and the fire is turned of (it's a gas one) and the volunteers who are in the line of fire are treated to some water.
I came home at eight and was exhausted!
Today it is back to our routine and some knitting tonight.


Anonymous said...

ja wel gvd en ma ons gvd maar leren en instampen gvd dat we geen gvd mogen zeggen heeft dat mensje gvd daar al haar tijd gvd voor niets in gestoken gvd wat ben jij voor een kind gvd (hihihihihihihihihihihihihi)

En die reuze knoflook, had je geen zin hem stiekem van te voren al uit te draaien.

Groetjes Anita

mamiluc said...

Wel een gezellig feest,zo te zien!De foto die van jullie onder het Fortino bord is gemaakt,de blonde vrouw die naast jouw staat heeft een erg bekend gezicht.Zal toch niet toevallig een nederlandse zijn toch.?

groetjes mamiluc