Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy fourth

Happy fourth of July! It is hot out here, too hot to be outside and because our garden umbrella gave out we do not have any shade in the backyard in the afternoon. Not that I want to sit in the shade, even there it is too hot. But on other days I really like to sit outside for a little bit in the afternoon enjoying a lemonade (or beer). Tonight it is of course firework-time, we are planning to go to the high school to see the "big" fireworks.
It reminds me of new years in Europe, only we lite the fireworks in our shorts and on flip-flops instead of huddling in the cold, trying to light something without shivering. People are outside, there are block party's and everybody has a good time. Just love it.

While it is hot outside I cleaned my office and cut out a pattern for a Backpack, because some people (we do not name names, they know who they are) requested them.
First I have to finish the purse I am working on, it is almost done, just need to get the handles stitched and sew the lining in.
Pic's tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Yes jipppppiiiiieeee ik krijg een backpack (hihiihihihi).

Kylian gaat voor zijn verjaardag een rugzak vragen zodat hij die mee kan nemen in het vliegtuig.
Vol met speelgoed natuurlijk (hihihi)

Groetjes Anita