Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry is in the house

Look what found his way to our doorstep today!! Poor mailman had to haul like a million Harry Potters around in his little truck today. That is only for those people who where to lazy to stand in line at the bookstore last night. T and I checked it out yesterday morning on our way to the grocery store. They already made a line-up area outside, and marked of the line to the register. that line swirled his way all trough the store. They started handing out bracelets at 7 PM yesterday night.
We had to wait until the mailman came, that was around three today, and then this Muggle opened the package according to the instructions, it was already half way into July 21th.

And look, a new pair of socks is growing. This time two at a time on one circular needle. I joined this great group of women who come together to knit once a week. And one of the ladies taught me this great trick. Bye, bye second sock syndrome!!!!!
The boys had to pry me away from the book to go to dinner, our anniversary dinner, today 10 years ago we got married. I can not believe it is already ten years, time flies. Ten years ago we moved here and started a whole new life together.
OK, now I have to go, this Muggle has to read until the deep hours of the night, the book has 759 pages and I am only on 104!! and I can tell you it already captivated me so much that I can't put it down for longer that half an hour.

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