Monday, July 09, 2007

you call that food??

I spent the weekend moving one of my friends, she is going to start a whole new life in a cute apartment. All good things coming her way as of now I hope. Anyway, we spend a good deal of our Sunday assembling her new furniture. I was thinking of Youp van't Hek and his speech about putting together Ikea furniture. Wheeee-heee. He goes on about when he finally figured out how to put the furniture together, after a couple of hours of sweat and tears and puts up what they assembled and then they find another screw! We actually found a mistake in the directions. Oh, well it turned out good it took us only three hours to assemble the furniture!!

I did not have time to sit behind the sewing machine, so in the evening while watching TV, ice road truckers that is.
I came up with something new, knitted doughnuts! they look totally cute and I am planning to knit up a whole bunch. I just experimented with some yarn and made with the sprinkles from embroidery yarn. Being the only woman in the house needles to say the boys had their laugh when they saw the doughnuts sitting on a real plate on the dining room table.

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Anonymous said...

Misschien moet je er ook een tag aanmaken met de mededeling dat er 0 caloriƫn in zitten en ze vetvrij zijn (whahahahahahahahaha).

Groetjes Anita