Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We packed a picnic lunch and started driving this morning. We ended up in Monterrey they have a very nice city playground. There is a ton of things to do for kids (and adults) and there is even an old locomotive they can climb on and a maze with a lookout. And the weather was a lot cooler than the ever so hot valley. We had a great time, ate our lunch and played.
Not even home for 30 minutes and T already hooked up with friends to play. Gotta love summer vacation!! Lately T wants to learn some Dutch songs, we have a big laugh every time he tries so sing. My favorite is the "Twents volkslied"
I sing the first line and he sings it after me.
Here we go " Er ligt tussen Dinkel en Regge een land, ons schoon en zo nijvere Twente"
Than T (with heavy accent) " Er ligt tussen winkel en weg een land, het schoon en wijverig Twente". For the not Dutch readers the Dinkel and Regge are two rivers, which T translates as a store and a road. We keep practicing until we have it right, but it is still better than " zie de maan schijt door de bomen"
And on the knitting front, my socks are growing my only complaint is that the dark brown is very hard to see at night, so I started some mittens with lots of color. The birds are different in the front and back. And the thumbs sport some foxes. They reminded me of the chicken coop at my sisters house that got raided by an hungry animal. Poor chickens disappeared probably for a very nice big breakfast. She even named the Chickens "Hou" and "Dini". Hee-hee, no wonder they disappeared!!

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Anonymous said...

Ja en nu hebben we minister en brownie (en nu maar hopen dat ze ze laten lopen hihihihi).
Deze zijn al heel tam en komen het voer uit je handen eten, zooooo lief.

Groetjes Anita