Saturday, July 28, 2007

a purse for every day

Weekend, it comes and it goes..... yesterday evening we had the music in the vineyard event. T and I went, of course T is not even out of the car and he is off playing with his friends. There where tri-tip sandwiches and cheese platters and of course wine. I somehow always end up either pouring wine or in the kitchen. T and I left early (at eight thirty) and watched Monk. Love that series, just to be that compulsive is sick, but very funny!!

And today I finished my black/color purses, ready to go to the boutique in November. lots more to do. I also started some knitted hats for the winter. Tomorrow I have to work at the festival. And everybody who lives around here, if you do not need to be at the festival, you lay low or escape the town. So we are laying low for today, the boys mowed the lawn and I had my sewing time. Just a simple day at home.

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