Monday, July 16, 2007

seaside lunch

We took a little road trip today, not to far, just cruising along the coast until we found a spot to eat lunch. We ate at this restaurant, inside with a table at the floor to ceiling window.
They had a beautiful patio, but it was still a bit to chilly outside. Although inside is was also not that warm. Why they crank up the air-co to freeze is beyond me, anyway, the food, company and food was good!

Yesterday, we spent our day visiting friends with a pool in the morning and T had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Lots of fun of course.
The party was with all boys, they used the slip'n slide to cool down and get rid of the sugar high from the heavy frosted cupcakes. But after that is was present time.
For me as a Dutch girl it is still a big mystery to me why you do not unpack the presents in order the people come in. No, they have to wait until the very last. Kids that have to leave earlier do not get to see the recipient smile over the gift. I always like to see if the person likes my gift, makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
Well this birthday kid, after opening his presents (most were already ripped opened by his younger brother) climbed on his bed and asked if that was all he got!!
Different countries, different traditions but some things I just still don't get.

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Anonymous said...

Okay kids, hmmmm wat zullen we daar nu eens van zeggen. En als je je cadeau's pas later open maakt dan weet je toch niet meer wat je nu van wie hebt gekregen. En wie je nu moet bedanken voor wat.

Maar goed het restaurant houden we in gedachten voor als wij er zijn.

Groetjes anita