Friday, July 06, 2007


We went to the biker rally this morning, we decided to go very early while it was still cool and not that busy. And walking with T and his buddy K in tow, it was fun to hear them comment on the different things they saw.
The whole thing was a lot different than two years ago, a lot more commercial things and you have to pay to see concerts and all the fun stuff like arm wrestling etc. and that doesn't even bother us that much but usually they have bike parking all the way down the main street, lots of fun to see all the bikes parked there and compare the different bikes. Now the bikes have to park of the beaten path and that makes it much less fun to look at. Oh, well the boys loved it and I got tons of really fun, ( ahum, people and sign) pictures.
turkey legg anyone??

fun signs everywhere.

plenty of hats.

and hey, a boy on a bike! And it is only Friday today, we had a "Saturday" feeling the whole day.

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