Thursday, July 05, 2007

the whole enchilada

We had a fun time at the fireworks display yesterday, just before we left one of my friends called that her husband parked his truck already in a prime spot early that afternoon. Smart, very smart I have to say. The only thing we had to do is find a back road parking spot for our car and walk over to the truck. Good to know the right people, we parked in another friends drive way, because there was no more parking to be found in a 15 minutes walking distance. We hung out with a bunch of friends, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the fireworks. the kids had a great time and after the fireworks when every body left, and it became a car nightmare on the road, we stayed and watched the traffic go by, and of course made the appropriate comments on it. My knitting is going great, and I am making some progress on my knee-highs.
not one of the greatest pic's, T and friend K on the roof of the truck, the closer to the fireworks the better I guess.

And some of the pics I took of the fireworks, I took a lot of pic's and a lot of them turned out great, but on the other hand, what to do with pic's of fireworks??
Today is one of those days I planned different, and of course it did not pan out that way. I did go and get groceries, when I came back it was lunchtime. Not even five minutes after we ate lunch, our neighbor came to the door if T wanted to swim.
It takes T not even a minute to get in his swim gear and head out, hee hee!
All the neighbors came swimming, so we had a little pool party this afternoon, our other neighbor even drove up to the farm to get us some fresh strawberries and cherries.
We swam until dinnertime, just before dinner one of T's school friends came over for a sleepover. And that kid gave me the best compliment ever!! He announced that I was a better cook than his grandma! I have had his grandma's cooking a couple of times and believe me, she's a lovely sweet Italian lady and man she knows how to cook!! only not enchilada's a-la-Do!

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