Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to school

School starts tomorrow, a new year, a different teacher and an other classroom.
T is excited, he is ready to go, backpack packed. Where did the time go?? I remember first grade, and now fourth grade GATE. We had the back to school BBQ and info night tonight. We had a glimpse of what is expected from him this year. All we can say is WOW, he is learning things we started in middle school (MAVO). And all the other fun things they do when they include math, there is the golf course where they have to calculate the "sum, mean, median and mode of all eighteen holes". There is the pizza walk, to learn everything from fractions to weight etc. And then there is this "Evaluate math expressions using parentheses" and "Use parentheses for order of operations". I will not even go to explain all the things he needs to know for language.
So we get up early in the morning and prepare for school, the first day of fourth grade!

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Anonymous said...

ja, kleine jongentjes worden groot sis.
Weet je wat leuk zou zijn als ze nu in die pizza place nu ook even leren hoe ze pizza's moeten maken.
Scheelt toch zo af en toe koken als je zoon pizza's kan maken (hihihihi). Bestellen we een stukje van een bepaald gewicht en zeggen we wat we erop willen hebben, dan kan hij eerst berekenen hoeveel de ingrediƫnten wegen en hoeveel hij er van wat op moet doen (hahahahahah)

Groetjes Anita