Saturday, August 04, 2007

crafty time

I finished the Baudelaire sock on Thursday. They came out great and the best thing of knitting two at the same time? They are done at the same time too and ready to wear. Only the weather is not cooperating, it is way to warm to wear socks. I already started a new pair, this time again a pair for J. No lace pattern this time just simple cabling. Of course another dark color, navy this time. I'll post pics as soon as I am far enough to show of the cabling. And I am making little packs for an insulin pump. The daughter of one of our friends has type 1 diabetes and she has to wear a little insulin pump. The pump goes in a little pack around her waist. She is a happy 5 year old and her Mom asked me If I would make her some packs, because they wear out pretty fast. And how could I refuse?? So they came over for a little visit and my little friend went wild with my fabric stash ( now I have a great cause for little scraps) All the fabrics she liked she put out in a big pile. I sure have a week worth of work cut out for me!!
Here is the first one, my "proto" type with velcro closing and a loop in the back for her belt.
the next one is going to have some padding inside to protect the pump and then I am ready to mass make some!!
Have a happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wie wil dit nou niet iets wat noodzakelijk is omtoveren tot een mode item.

Ze zal er zeker blij mee zijn.

Groetjes anita

mamiluc said...

Helemaal mee eens