Friday, August 17, 2007

got flowers?

There is this beautiful place not far from here, I pass it on my way to the winery, and every time you drive by the colors change. For years I wanted to go in and walk in between the flowerbeds. Yesterday I did. Of course the boys went with me, otherwise I would have spend hours crawling between the flowers taking pictures of the insects who also enjoy their beauty.
I also had a surprise party to go to yesterday evening, one of my friends had her birthday and her husband threw her the party. Let me just say this, it was fun, there was lots of family and even more food.
Her mother , Aunt and godmother (all Portuguese) cooked for days, were very afraid that they had not enough (wow, they will be eating for days) and kept hovering over the tables to see if your plate was not empty (a big no,no) Than there was desert, a whole chapter on itself.
There where little cakes, some with coconut others made with beans and chocolate. I tried the last one and it was yummy. There was pound cake, plain or with chocolate swirls in it, mini lemon tarts, crumb cake and a flan. And of course the birthday cake, the size ?? I'll just say this, it was a wedding cake without the layers!! It took two people to carry the thing in the garden.
We sat outside, underneath the vines and drank the wine made from those vines.
Today, I need to diet to lose all those pounds.

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mamiluc said...

Wat een kleurenpracht,wat is de natuur mooi he!

groetjes mamiluc