Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lick observatory

Lick observatory, the inside and the outside. We took a road trip today, we drove up to Mt Hamilton. the telescope
funny guy

No more pictures mom!!

look closely at the picture, there was a crow sitting in the window, and he wanted in, really bad. He kept making noises and knocking on the window. It reminded me of the crow we had as kids, he would always knock on my bedroom window at night and would not stop until I opened it. Than he would sit inside on the window sill and keep me company and steeling papers.

Oh, and of course we took the tour that is offered every half hour, I just love the old building with his staircases and long hallways. I took more than 200 pics and I love them all (ahum) and the lensbabie made her comeback, love this lens with the blurry edges.
The boys love everything about space, even T is so interested, he loves the pictures of the stars and had a lot of questions. J bought a couple of posters, and I am afraid that is going to be the new "wallpaper" in the house. There was a lot of interesting stuff in the gift shop and knowing my boy he will save up his allowance to buy "space monopoly" and a lamp that projects the stars on your ceiling. What kid just does not want one of those to sleep under???
On our way back, T did a well deserved nap in the car.

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Sonnja said...

Hallo D,

Ik wilde je alleen even de groetje sturen uit nu het zonnige Nederland.