Monday, August 13, 2007

we're back

We are back from our little trip, just a couple of days to a different place to do some sightseeing and some fun stuff.
And we did see a lot, T and J went inside the Shasta Dam for a tour. J and I did the tour once when T was still very little. This time I stayed behind because we could not bring any purses, cellphones or cameras or any other things beside you wallet and car keys. Understandable of course. We did not want to leave all our stuff in the car so I stayed behind.
I went into the visitors center (air co) and sat on one of the benches in front of the panoramic windows overseeing the dam and took out my knitting. By the time the boys returned my pirate hat was finished and I had met most of the staff. After the dam we went over to the Shasta caves. Included in the two hour we had to take the boat to the other side of the lake and then a steep bus ride up. T loved it, and man did we ever had to walk a lot of stairs!!!
But the view was stunning!!
We also took a stop in Sacramento, just to see the old part of town. One day we have to go back and visit the railroadmusuem and walk around a bit more. I just love these old buildings!!

And see, it is NOT that weird to eat your fries with mayo. Look at the other options, some of them are just GROSS!!

And we walked across the sundial bridge, I am not a real fan of modern architecture, but I really have to say, this one is stunning, and great for picture taking. But after taking some twenty pics of course my battery was empty (really stupid, just forgot to load the battery after taking so many pictures inside the caves).

T loved it and waded in the Sacramento river below the bridge. He had to take the prettiest stone he could find as a souvenir.

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Anonymous said...

Zo te zien hebben jullie een heerlijk weekend gehad. De brug is (voor een moderne brug) erg mooi.

En die patat Ieeeeh alleen dat ze nu toch echt denken dat de amerikaanse patat de lekkerste is!
Dat moeten we ze nog even af gaan leren want met Mayo is toch veeeeeeeeeel lekkerde.
Of een patatje oorlog of speciaal en wat denk je van een lekkere KROKET (hihihi)

Groetjes Anita