Sunday, September 16, 2007

flower power

And even with visitors the knitting goes on...... The fall issue from Knitty is on, that's where I fell in love with this little hat.
Sooooo cute!
Tonight it is time to fire up the BBQ. T invited out neighbor, just because it was fun, and what are parents to do then? Keep the invite and fire up the grill. The meat is marinating as we speak and Ome J and Dad J are trading in the gas for a full one. Ours was empty and with an empty gas tank it takes so very long to cook the meat.
I even baked a cake (caramel pecan) and the house is full of its smell!!
and after our winery visit we will take some bottles home and have a really good evening.
Tomorrow my first day of work, did I mention it already??
I am so looking forward to this job. It gets me out of the house and it is during school hours, so I don't have to put T in daycare.

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Karin said...

Love the Hat!!! Specially the flower. Power to him!!