Sunday, September 09, 2007

Getting ready

We are getting ready for our visitors, it is going slowly but we will get there.

I have to stop and put an Ice-pack on my foot every time and then elevate my foot, before I can do more work.

But the room is almost cleared out, my friend is picking up the spare dinner table we have, so there is more room to play for our little Nephew.

The rest of the house needs cleaning too, but with my toe it is really difficult to walk.

It just has to wait.

The Lick Fire is now on 47,436 acres, the haze is still here although not that bad as the first few days the wind is blowing the other way. You can find all the statistics here.

Luckily it is almost contained and nobody got seriously hurt.
On the knitting front, I finished a pair of these, the pattern is called Dashing from Knitty and really easy.
I like them so much that after this pair I am going to knit another pair in a pretty color for me!

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