Friday, September 14, 2007

Got Grapes??

Aunty A and K at the winery
Yesterday we took a little trip to the boot-barn, went gaga over all the different kinds of footwear and afterwards we stopped for lunch at Jefferey's. After lunch we still had an hour before T came out of school and what to do with an hour to spare? What better time killer that a visit to the winery, walk around a little bit (family) and sit and chat (me) and of course the men did a little tasting of the wines. A bottle of almond champagne went home with us, and will be emptied some time this weekend (I hope).
Today we did groceries and some housecleaning, so the weekend can be spend with different outings and hanging around the house.
Monday I start working, at a local elementary school as a assessment Para. Kids watch out!! here I come..........

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