Tuesday, September 04, 2007

lick fire

This is the view from our neighborhood, and believe me the pictures do not even show the whole smoke cloud. These were taken at around 7.30 tonight. The fire started yesterday and today the fire has spread and is only 10 percent contained.
It is called the "Lick fire". We are hoping the fire does not spread more in the coming days. And we also hope there will be no one seriously hurt in this fire.
The fire fighters have set up camp in Christmas Hill park, and they will be there for as long as this fire rages. Everywhere you drive into town there are firetrucks from all over California.
In a couple of days my Sister, brother in law and my nephew will be here! It will be a house full of people and lots and lots of pictures!!


Anonymous said...


Raad eens over hoeveel dagen wij komen?

Groetjes Anita

knittygurl said...

Those are beautiful pictures of your skyline. I will be praying for the fire to stop spreading. :)