Monday, September 24, 2007


Two more pictures from Yesterday, I knitted two more hats and of course they had to be modeled. Today the house is empty, my family left for a couple of days. So this afternoon we took care of some errands and cooked dinner. Now we are ready to sit down and relax a bit for the evening and enjoy all the new shows on TV tonight. Wonder what we will end up watching.
Maybe "Dancing with the stars" or on the other hand maybe not. But one thing is for sure there will be knitting tonight.
And did I mention I need new shoes, after a full year with only flip-flops and furry floppy boots to wear after my broken foot, I NEED shoes. Last week I managed to get blisters the size of my pinkie toe on almost every toe that is not in bandages due to my broken toe. (are we still following?) And every morning before I go to work the question is "what shoes to wear?".
Oh, well if I find the time to go shopping sometime this year, I'll buy me a pair of comfy, nice looking, office appropriate shoes.

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