Saturday, October 20, 2007


There is a little park in Palo Alto, in that park stands a little gazebo overgrown with the most extraordinary plant I have ever seen. I mean do you have ever seen berries from this color??
from pale pink to a pale blue to a very vibrant hot pink to purple and blue. Just amazing. I want to know what kind of climbing plant this is. Or better said, I want one for my garden!!!!!

We met up with friends and took a stroll down to this little park, it is wonderful and full of all kinds of flowers. Even the weather was working with us and was so nice today.
I started another pair of socks today, the mittens are almost done, and of course a girl has to start a new project. And I am also back to sewing purses. Before you know it, it is Christmas and presents are to be made.

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