Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

There was lots of candy, to much if you ask me.............
Of course decorations, we did not go all out like some in the neighborhood. There was a real Haunted house and they had a party for the kids, T came home with a ghost flashlight and stories from the people who were fire "spitting" outside the house.

And of course there was our scary man himself, there was no name to his costume it was just "scary".
Every Halloween I have to think back at the first time T really knew that he had to say "Trick or Treat" in order to get candy. He was soooooo cute in his Fire fighter costume, made by me with buttons from my dads uniform and his patches on the sleeves. Of course I still have it, this is going to be a family heirloom.
He did not master the difference between the Dutch and English back then. Now he is correcting us on our words and pronunciation. He would just go and ring a doorbell and shout out "Dikke tiet" not knowing what the translation is in Dutch, it just sounds the same as Trick or treat.
But for those not knowing what the translation is, I will give you some time to sit down and swallow any fluids before you read on just in case. So your computer screen stays dry.
"Dikke tiet" means "big boobs". Luckily nobody in our neighborhood back then spoke Dutch!!
As for the latest news on the earthquake, it was a little more that a shake, check out these pictures
And read more about it here


Karin said...

Misschien kunnen jij en ik een snoep winkeltje beginnen?
Ik heb ook genoeg binnen gehaald!

Anonymous said...

Heftig zeg.
Dat kennen we hier in Enschede niet in die mate.