Wednesday, October 10, 2007


T made his own game today, he loves to play Monopoly so he made up his own version. Of course he had to have a nice box. He rummaged around in my office closed and decided that a box from an album was perfect, and of course I gave it to him. Who am I to shut his creativity down by not giving him the box (a really nice one, of course the boy has good taste he is my son!) He made his own game board, and came up with some really nice places to "land". I became the proud owner of planet earth, after my game piece (Lego) landed on it. There was no rent to pay when my opponents "landed" on it, they had to pay a hundred dollar for "each thing". Nobody landed on earth during our game so I still have to find out what the thing is.
Of course we had to pay "Takses" and if you have the luck to get a chance card, there is the " Free Hotel happy day" card, or the "If you have Halo, you can blow up some properties" card.
I am in for a second session later tonight, time choice by the maker right around bedtime (of course). We love to play "Koenopoly" if only the rules did not change by the minute and in one certain persons interest.
And for the Dutch songs, yesterday we practiced
Leentje leerde Lotje lopen
langs de lange Linde laan
it is going very well and he is very good at the pronunciation too. He wants to recite it in the classroom next week. I wish I could be a fly on the wall that day.


Karin said...

Was het niet Liesje leerde Lotje lopen? Zo heb ik het geleerd!! Oh ja waneer hebben we game night? Love to play Monopoly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ja het is echt Liesje leerde Lotje lopen hoor.

Jammer dat wij het spel niet meer kunnen spelen, maar goed zo te horen moet je je koppie er goed bij houden. Al is het alleen maar om alle spelregels te onthouden.

Groetjes Anita