Saturday, October 06, 2007


It is quiet in the house, very quiet. My sister and her little family have gone home. No more "Ata" that greets me at the door when I come home in the afternoon. I really enjoyed having my little nephew in the house for a couple of weeks. He is such a little heart breaker! And the last week T and K developed a game that they both loved. T would pick little K up. Of course the way nine year old boys pick up one year old boys. Underneath their armpits and then waddle over to the bedroom.
Next he would put K up on the bed and the fun began. They would just crawl around pull each others feet and legs and giggle.
One of the nights I managed to snap a few pictures while I was checking my mail, my camera was sitting right next to me on my desk and I could not refuse. So here they are, my two little men, playing on the bed just having fun together.
Today my office came back together so I can work on all the things to be done for the boutiques.
The card mill needs to be filled and purses to be made.
Busy season starts, and I am way behind with everything.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Tante Dorien.

Ik mis jullie ook heel erg hoor, niemand die mij even onder mijn oksels oppakt,
Geen oom die mij 's morgens wat te snacken geeft en geen Tante die een raar dansje met mij doet.

Groetjes Kylian

Anonymous said...