Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday knitting

Started a new pair of socks, the pattern is really easy so I can take it everywhere. And after we took a stroll downtown we drank some coffee (me), chocolate (J) and a smoothie (T) I enjoyed sitting in the sun and knit some on my socks. Of course the boys had to ask if it was really necessary to knit while they sat with me. Or according to T it is "really embarrassing MOM"!
Well, I do not care I like knitting. Over the weekend I also made these two bags, I love the pink one, it might be my new "tote-my-knitting-around-in" bag.

Tomorrow it is back to work, another week at the office. I like it, after ten years of staying at home, now I go to work and do something totally different than I have ever done. Who would have thought that I would end up at an elementary school as a workplace? Best thing, I have the same schedule as my son.

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Anonymous said...

Tja mama en papa weten niet hoe die plant heet maar misschien komen ze daar nog wel achter.

Mijn dekbed heeft skulls, piraten, boten, eilanden en schatten erop.
Goed he !!!

Groetjes Kylian (en mama natuurlijk)