Sunday, October 14, 2007


It is weekend and before you know it, it is Monday again and work awaits. Yesterday I did groceries, colored my hair and at around two I went over to my friends house for some serious knitting time. We sat at the table with lots of other knitting friends and talked, ate some very good food, and of course knitted. And yes, I made new friends, who lucky for me are just as "normal" as I am. When I came home around eight thirty I finished one of my fingerless gloves, and started the other one!

Today we spend time together, T and I played with the X-box. To be able to walk a figure around is not easy believe me. And then there are vehicles to drive and enemies to shoot, things to build and coins to collect (Lego star wars game) And if you press the Y button you can change characters. This last thing is very confusing if you do not know what you are doing and when you finally figured out how to walk in a certain direction, jump and shoot you press the wrong button and poof, you are somebody else. Very confusing for this mom. Then I have to asked my son what to do. A conversation that goes like this:

Me: I can't walk anymore
T: oh, you pressed Y
Me: and what is Y for?
T: you move close to somebody and then you change character
Me: why would I do that?
T: to have better weapons
Me: oh...........
T: Moooooooooooooooooom pay attention, they are killing you.

Next I watched him make dizzying roller coasters on something he downloaded on the X-box it is one of those demo games. Fun, I love roller coasters especially when you can watch your son make the most horrific loops and turns. The game even gives you a "puke" rate. Nice!

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