Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We went to the beach on Sunday, something we do every once in a while to get some fresh air and sand in our shoes. I always love the beach no matter what time in the year.
Of course I had to bring my camera, this lady rarely goes anywhere without it. So I took the usual beach pictures and sometimes some pictures stand out. Like this one, I wonder what where these three taking about?? I imagine they are "male" and are talking about all the nice "chicks" around them. Or maybe they are "chicks" and are asking the ever so burning question "boxers of briefs" or in this case "winter or fall feathers" :0) And then there was this carved out in the sand, wonder who did this?
And then there was this, just before you enter the trail that leads up to the beach. Here you can pick up your "Mutt mitt" to pick up the doodoo your mutt makes. Luckily it is degradable, the question is when it is going to degrade??? It also states that the mitt is better than a bag. I do have one question for the people that placed this lovely "Mutt mitt dispenser". After one picks up the thing that your mutt has left behind with your mitt, where do you put the loaded mutt mitt?? There was no trashcan in sight, so I guess the mutt mitts are going in the not so good bag brought from home, to place in the trash somewhere at home (preferably outside). Where over time the Mutt mitt degrades together with the.....(ahum) in the not so good bag.
Yep, got it!! Sorry for my ramblings but you have to agree saying Mutt mitt is kinda fun!!

T was making "rocks" out of the wet sand and had a good time watching them disappear in the water. When our shoes where full of sand and our hair was blown to knots we went home and watched a good movie on the TV. A happy Sunday it was indeed.

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Anonymous said...

die muttmitt die begraaf je toch gewoon in het zand, als je mazzel hebt zijn er duitsers langs geweest en zijn de gaten er al (hihihhihi).

En dan de volgende vraag als je de mutt oppakt met je mitt voel je dan de warmte van die verse mutt door je mitt of is die zo geisoleerd dat je de mutt niet voelt.

Groetjes antia