Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We do have a new word in this household, according to T if you have a happy feeling you are feeling "skiddy". He and I were feeling skiddy today. T because it was an early day at school, he had a very good day at school with "lunch on the green". His teacher sits down for lunch on the lawn with the students who have turned in all their work on time, did all their homework and have good grades. To top his school day off his class one the prize for best sales in the fundraiser and are treated to a pizza lunch tomorrow and every student in his class gets a prize! And how about "glow worm candy" you pick up the candy with the tweezers and when you squeeze it, a light in the tweezers goes on to make the "worm" glow. It just makes you "Skiddy"
I am also a little skiddy, my Tam is almost done, I will finish it as soon as this blog is posted and I got my Raven yarn in today. Isn't it pretty?? Who would have thought black could be so colorful?? Now I only have to decide what pattern to pick, to knit up some nice socks!!

And on another Skiddy note my computer is working again, I have had some problems the last few weeks, hey it only took 45 minutes to start the thing. My computer expert gave it a look and now it is all working again. Back to blogging regularly.


Karin said...

Skiddy huh, Well mrs of Mr Bubbles skiddied through the toilet. Geen chopping hoor in de sink!!!!
May the fish God be with him/her.
Still hoping I will get some knitted gloves!!

Anonymous said...

Wij voelen ons ook Skiddy want Jan is jarig.
En eeeh heb jij de tweezers ook nog gebruikt gisterenavond in bed (whahahahahahahahhaahaha)

Groetjes anita