Sunday, November 18, 2007


Meet Shamu our neighbors cat, she is really happy!! Why??? Because the gardener came today and made our yard looking pretty again. Shamu (her real name is Cloe) is just a big black and white cat, hence her nickname. She loves to hang out around our house and we love her. T goes out at least once a day to pet her and of course there is always a snack waiting. Look at the before and after pictures, I just love it.

And I started to knit a pair of socks for T, when I picked the colors of my Raven yarn, I did not know what colors to choose. So there was only one thing to do, call in somebody who could decide for me. one of T's choices was this one, the colorway is called Corby. And I have to say, it looks black, but when you are in the sun it has just the colors of a Raven with his black feathers and the blue green glow over it.

T picked his own pattern and we are knitting and fitting the sock as we go along.
I knitted sitting on the couch under the blankets, I was not feeling good yesterday and after my headache went away over night, I was feeling very cold this morning. And it was not cold at all, T was running around in his T-shirt and gave me the shivers just looking at him.
During the day I felt a bit better and even managed to get some laundry done, and vacuum the living room. Hey, tomorrow it is back to work!! Only two days this week, because it is Thanksgiving next Thursday!!

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Anonymous said...

Lekker gevoel is dat toch als je tuin er weer zo geweldig mooi uitziet.Ik had zelf de tuin ook gedaan toen lucas er niet was.
En toen hij de poort bij ons in liep zei hij mama mooi en stond met veel overtuiging de tuin in te kijken.

Liefs Mamiluc