Tuesday, December 25, 2007

cocktails and one mit

We celebrated Christmas eve last night with our friends, we had lots of food and we had lots of fun.
T got a watch and books and of course the necessary candy to get the sugar rush needed on these occasions. We spend the day before going to the party with just hanging out and I even finished my mitten. Now it is on to the second one.
The day before J and I had a cocktail, looks very festive the one on the end is T's non alcoholic version. Let me just say this, we definitely are not cocktail people and after one "appletini" we decided we did not like it. I rather have a glass of wine or a glass of beer. T on the other hand loved his version and went straight for the second one (read, licked the sugar of the rim because that was the most fun).


Anonymous said...

nee hoor tante Dorien ik plaag geen dieren, dat mag niet zeggen papa en mama.
En ze hadden er ook geen tijgers, ze hebben wel een panter maar die zat zo verstopt dat ik hem niet eens goed gezien heb.Gelukkig heeft papa er een foto van gemaakt.

Tja de dierentuin in SF zal nu ook wel bokitoproof gemaakt worden (hihihihi)

Groetjes Kylian

mamiluc said...

Dat ziet er smaakelijk uit!!!!!!!!!!

groetjes mamiluc