Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deck the Halls

The tree is finally decorated, nothing fancy, but it looks OK to us. It took about a week until I had time to put lights and decorations in the tree. Oh, the joys of a working mom!
This weekend we had the second boutique at the winery, and it was a busy one.
Friday night was the Christmas party from my work, and yes I did help close the place down and danced my little heart out!! Only downside was that I had to be up and running by eight the next morning.
And to ad to the Muscle aches from dancing was the cold this weekend, standing on the concrete floor was not helping either. By Saturday night I was really tired and called it an early night.
T and J spend the weekend at home and of course played video games. The weekend came and went and before you know it, it is Monday again and work is calling.
But it is almost winter break, two weeks of free time, and knitting and crafting time. I forgot to mention cleaning and laundry and all that kind of fun stuff.
Now it is time to get the Christmas cards out, I love getting snail mail, and it is a treat to open my mailbox and getting cards. Oh, by the way the count on Christmas cards is still 0

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Anonymous said...

Hier staat de telling ook nog op 0
oja en vergeet niet je zus elke dag te bellen in de vakantie (hihihhihi)

Groetjes anita