Monday, December 31, 2007

the last post of the year

Two and a half hours to go on this end of the world. We just saw the ball drop in NY.

I finished the mittens yesterday evening, they fit like a glove without the fingers! And they are already taken. J loves them and was wearing them for the most part of today. Now I do have to knit a pair for me (again). I also have found a couple of very nice sock patterns on Ravelry. Not that I don't have anything to knit or on my needles. The log cabin socks are almost done, tomorrow I'll make a picture and post them. They are a really nice thick sock and knowing my husband they will probably end up on his feet! I have tried every kind of pattern or color but he just loves to wear nice home-knit socks and we do have the same size so socks get a lot of wear in this household.

Rest me only to say that we wish you a very good, happy and healthy 2008!
See you next year, tomorrow that is.


Anonymous said...


Groetjes Anita, Jan en Kylian

Karin said...

Happy New Year ti you to sis. I need to tell you I got roses from someone, they were on my doorstep.
love , me!

Anonymous said...

Schuddebuikjes zijn een soort van super kleine pepernootjes voor op je brood, je snapt natuurlijk wel dat die niet op Kylian's brood zaten (hihihi)

Groetjes anita