Sunday, December 23, 2007


I made this little mitten, just for fun, before I decide what mittens to knit out of my book. They are all so pretty!
Yesterday afternoon we had our little knitting gathering at M's place and I had already started another mini mitten. This time with three colors, and a little bigger. And yes, I did start another pair of mittens, this time out of this book. The yarn is a DK weight so it knits up much quicker than the other ones that are knit on a size 1 needle. This gives me time to decide what pattern to knit and what colors to use.
Today is a stay-home-and -do-nothing-day, I slept in and had coffee, and cleaned the bird cage and the rat cage and vacuumed my office so far. And T announced he will be in his PJ's all day.
This afternoon I think I will be alternating knitting with some reading.
Happy Sunday!

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