Sunday, December 30, 2007

One more day

My recent drink of choice: This thee is so good. We spend the day doing laundry, going for a little road trip and crafting. T is in a painting mood today and painted the breaddough ornaments he made. J and I both got one when the paint was dry.
And I am working on a pair of fingerless mittens for myself. The previous ones I knitted all found new owners and I thought it was finally time to make myself a pair. And to top it all off I am designing them myself. Of course I am knitting them at the same time on the same needle to prevent that I can't remember how I made the first one. They are going to have an after thought thumb. I just do not like the look of a thumb gore on a fingerless mitten. There are going to be more cables and I do like the bobble point I made in them.
These are meant to be finished by tomorrow so I can finally wear them when I am behind my computer, in the winter my office is so cold. I need some warm hands in order to type. And to to it off they will also be handy when I am at work. For some reason it is either cold or really warm in my office.
Only one more day to go in 2007 and then we have another year. I am planning to do more sewing next year, I am thinking of some of those cute aprons from vintage patterns!!
Now only to find cute fabric for those............

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Karin said...

Ok vertel me, hoe krijg je dat spul weg? Thee met Karamel. Ik snapte toch al niet waarom je dat ook in je koffie dronk, maar nu snap ik eigenlijk wel waarom de thee. Happy New Year sis and hope to talk to you soon.