Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sinterklaas was here

Yesterday, I went to T's class room with bags full of goodies, and pictures. I gave the "Sinterklaas" talk. It was a lot of fun, the kids had a lot of questions about our Sint traditions and of course eating the "pepernoten". I even brought a CD with sinterklaas songs. Highlight of it was the slippers T and I gave the teacher. All the kids insisted he try them, but he explained he did not want to ruin them with stinky feet. After checking my mail before turning my computer off last night, I found this in my inbox:
He mailed all the kids (and parents) this picture, and let them know they fit and are nice and warm. Not to even mention the looks of those fuzzy clogs!!
For us I ordered some chocolate letters from the same place the clogs and the pepernoten came from, and a roomboter amandel staaf. So we can have our own little Sint eat feast later today.
Now I am ready to put up our Christmas tree, the lights are already hung outside, and my office is also decked out, but now the big tree and then the holiday season has officially begun!

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Anonymous said...

Je hebt ze toch ook wel gedwongen een sinterklaasliedje te zingen (hihihihi)

Hier staat de kerstboom ook sinds gisteren, met plastic ballen dit keer en maar goed ook want ik heb er al een paar laten stuiteren (whahahaha)
Kylian vind het geweldig en zit ook regelmatig aan de ballen, dat mag natuurlijk niet.

En alles van duplo is natuurlijk goed, hij heeft nu een box gekregen waarmee je dieren kunt maken (we hebben de kameel en zebra al af).

Groetjes Anita