Friday, December 21, 2007

Snake in the tree

On a chilly morning in late December a noise came from the Christmas tree. I wondered what it was and wandered over. And what did I see? a snake and mouse where playing hide and seek!
My last "present knit" for Christmas and now I finally can knit some other things for myself and finish T's socks. I actually got up and finished it at six in the morning on Thursday so I could give it to the lucky recipient's grandma to sneak in withe the other presents.
And for my final Secret Santa Gift I got this set, I just love the glasses and being a real nerd I have never had a Appeltini or any other kind of martini. Neither shaken nor stirred.
So over the Christmas week J and I are going to try this. It even comes with happy green sugar to put on the rims of the glasses.
Today was my first day of the Christmas vacation, and I did not even sleep in. T and I went grocery shopping very early to beat the crowds. I always get very, very cranky if I have to do groceries. I do not know what it is (ahum I do actually) but shopping does not improve my mood, that is the reason I try to do it only once a week.
Anyway, there are a whole battery of registers and as usual there is only one open. No, two one regular and one "10 items or less". So we had to wait in line for a long time.
T was home in time so a friends parents could pick him up for a birthday party. He came home all happy and with two friends in tow. Their mom picked them up one hour later than planned and they played a little bit and then zoned out in front of the TV.

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KreativeMix said...

Love the snake and the secret santa gift!!! Enjoy your Martini(s) :-) Have a fabulously kreative holiday!!!!