Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two more days

I woke up very early this morning, to the sound of the two men in my house whispering around me. They told me they where going on a little "road trip" and T confided in me that when they came back they would have a little surprise for me. Nice, it was not even 6.30 yet!!
So what is a mom to do? Yep, roll onto my other side and continue sleeping! I dreamed of little doggies entering our house all excited to see their new home (dreaming on..........) and I dreamed of a laptop all for my own (still dreaming) But where would they go so early in the morning ?They came back all giddy, and brought me the best gift somebody could ever give me in the early morning, coffee!!!! Not the regular kind I make at home every day, no my favorite, a real treat that I do not get that often. My boys went all the way to Starbucks to get my favorite coffee drink of all a "caramel macchiato". Oh, how I love these surprises, my boys are the best!!
These little things they do make me so happy, best off all I like to watch them interact together. They are truly father and son, and friends not to mention two big goofballs.
I made this Marshmallow tree for our knitting get together last Saturday and forgot to post the picture. Doesn't it look totally fun, and best of all it takes care of that needed sugar and chocolate craving we sometimes have. There is only one suggestion, do not attempt to make this while three boys under the age of 10 are "helping" (eat that is).

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