Friday, June 29, 2007


Why does it seem like yesterday T had his last school day? Time flies by. Before you know it is Friday again. I do have some knitting to show off, the second sock with this self striping yarn.
Kinda boring pattern, but it makes for a nice mindless knit in the car.
And I have been making bags, now what I need it tags with a name on it, to sew in them.
Love the little one on top, red, white and blue for the upcoming independence day. Look closely, how do you like the smocking, my first try at it. Now I have tons of Ideas for other projects with it.

And I made about five of these bags, all in different colors and all of them are reversible.

Next I want to make a bag out of old men's ties, of course I tried to raid hubbies tie collection first, but I was not allowed to take the horrendous fluorescent green and black tie, or the tie with the dragon or the dalmatian on it. They could still be worn according to him. Yeah right.
There is also one with all kinds of luggage tags on it, or the yellow one with the logo.
Oh, well, next time he goes out all dressed up for a meeting, I will have only one of those ties ready. I am thinking, suit, red or blue shirt and a psychedelic black green tie. whhheeeeeooeee.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


We spend our weekend at the Relay for Life. Every year we do this, and it is fun and tiring, but for a very good cause. All the money the teams collect goes to cancer research. It is emotional too, especially the survivors lap on Saturday morning to start the event and the luminary lap at nine in the evening. For twenty four hours every team has at least one member out on the track, usually walking for one hour.
There where cool cars,

lots and lots of fun things to do, or just hang around on the campsite for about give and take ten minutes!

Watch people go by, and sell stuff to raise money, play games like the firemen/policemen tug of war. I even took my knitting, but got no work done, to much chatting going on.
On to next year!
Go relay, Go!!!
T is so tired, it is bedtime very early tonight!!
I am ready for a little nap on the couch.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

cattitude and bugs

Meet our little friend, she belongs to the neighbors. But ever since they got a dog, she "hangs" with us. Outside of course, she can't come inside. (did I mention I want a dog??) Her name, Cloe, but because she resembles a big whale, we call her Shamu. We pet her, comb her fur and give her snacks. T loves her and goes outside at least twice a day just to pet and play with her.
And while bug hunting with my macro lens, she of course came up for some much needed TLC. I sneaked in some pics of her. It is the next best thing to (did I mention) a dog.

Hey, and look some bugs came in view too, not to much today, I really wanted a spider, but a fly will do too

and this one, no idea what it is, but it looked interesting.
the boys always make fun of me while crawling through the grass and looking closely to the trees to find bugs, believe me it is not easy to take pics of those animals, they are quicker on their feet and wings than I am and they sway in the wind with the grass or leaves they sit on.
T has fun playing, we only see him if he and his friends are hungry. Tomorrow it is the first day of summer!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I took this picture last week, I thought it was funny. Lucky porta potty's? Yeah maybe if you are really in need of one, and then I mean REALLY in need and even then are you lucky to do your bussines in one of these??

Paul Potts singing Opera

Paul Potts singing Opera

something made me happy and cry this morning, soooo good this guy!

Friday, June 15, 2007

school is out

There was music, And plenty of food,
and there was "JOY",
I got to walk Scully,

And Tucker, (did I mention I really do want a dog??)

Isn't Tucker a sweetheart?? He walked the whole block around school to find the "perfect" spot. He likes to sit let's call it fluffy, totally cracks me up this little dog. Both the dogs belong to one of the teachers, and lucky me I see them regularly (by the way did I mention I want a dog??)
Anyway, school is officially out, report card and awards are in the house. T is now the proud owner of a academic achievement award for Math, and an Honor roll award, what am I saying, we have an honor roll student in the house!! Last the report card, no big surprises here, all O's and 3's and 4's, so no complaining from his parents.
So all is ready at the house for summer.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Woohoo, it is almost Friday, as in last day of school. Yesterday was play day and let me tell you it was hot outside! 97F . After school we all went to Chuckie's for pizza and playing with the games. Mr B loved those arcade games too. Always fun to go to those places, the kids get tokens and play, mom's and dad's (and teacher) sit together and talk.
kids in question only come back to the table, when tokens run out or when asked to sit down just long enough to eat (read scarf and gulp) and drink. Parent's take pictures of each other instead of teacher and his students, because that group does not stay in their seats long enough to be photographed.
When we came home, T did his homework, and played with Lego's. We had a little conversation too. usually it goes like this:
T; mom can I ask you something?
Me; sure
T; do you remember anything funny from when you where little? (he just loves those stories and can not get enough from them)
Me; I can not think of one right now ( yeah right, something more stupid stuff from me out in the open)
T; can you tell me the story again that grandma was barking in her sleep and grandpa had to laugh so hard the whole family woke up?
Me; sure (glad to tell that story because it is really funny)
And today we woke up to yet another hot day, man we are so ready for summer vacation.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Almost vacation

I've been busy, very busy. Making more purses, going to school helping out, cleaning, doing laundry etc.....
this one I made today, it is only missing it's button but there had to be dinner on the table so the button is waiting until tomorrow.

Oh, and there was gardening too, love this one, it hangs right in front of my window. Love the color.

Three more days of school and then it is officially Summer vacation. Tomorrow it is play-day at school, and after school we do have a little gathering for mister B, he is retiring and is treating his "kids" on a nice outing and Pizza!
And the whole week he is been busy to clean out his classroom (or otherwise known around school as "the man cave") he has been in this room for more than 15 years it is really a cave!
T comes home every day with new surprises he can use everything, today it was all the cards Mr B had pasted on the wall. In their good days the cards had nice bright colors, now they are all the same brown and tan color.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

field trip

we took a very special field trip today, we went up to the hot springs. T is so lucky that one of his friends dad is a park ranger, because the springs are closed to the public. It is so sad that it is so run down, it was a very special place in its heyday. It is deserted and the buildings are not safe to enter anymore.
But with a little Imagination you know it was a good place to go in the mid 1800.
And the kids had so much fun, they got to try on clothes the people would have in that time. The boys had a very good laugh when the corset came out. We walked down to the actual spring, it is so strange warm stinky water coming out of the ground. We even tasted it, just a little zip.
The bus ride up was quite the adventure too. imagine all the tight curves with a big school bus.
we hit a big boulder and the fender of the brand new bus was busted!
The big pools where closed of so nobody could fall in, but there where some soaking tubs that we still could see, the Hotel burned down in the 80. some vandals decided it would be fun, by then it was already empty. I just love these old places and took tons of pictures of course.

Hey, and if you have to go to the potty, the door is there, the toilet is gone!
If you want to know more check this out.

Monday, June 04, 2007


It is Monday, I have to vacuum, do the Laundry and a lot more chores, but T has the day off. So what did we do? We went to the beach.

Look at my boys walking in the morning fog. We had fun walking on the beach, searching for shells and enjoying a really good lunch afterwards.
Our lunch? the big M. T loves it, we do not, so it is about four times a year we go there.
And look, what else we got, Yes Cherries, the stands are up, it is cherries season.
Oh and I have to tell about the most exciting news ever, look what I found on You tube
My most favorite movie ever!!!!!!! somebody took actually the time and put the whole first movie on there!
I watched it, I cried, I was really happy, I closed my office door and watched it again, I went to bed at one at night, and I want to watch it again and again.
Now if I could only get the other two movies.
Guess what I am going to do when T goes to sleep tonight????

Friday, June 01, 2007


Friday, it is weekend the minute I pick up T from school. Every day after school he needs time to unwind, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes before he is his happy relaxed self again.
Today was different, he went on and on about how he really wants a Nintendo DS.
Why, because two of his friends have them. I did post about that story a while ago.
Anyway, they tease him, he does not have one, they take theirs to school. For one I do not agree with the mom's that have their kids sneak in those things.( the mom's know, because they play with them even right after school when they leave the classroom) Then the teasing, do I say something, or do I not??
So we had the BIG meltdown right when we came home, he counted his allowance, not enough, we knew that even without counting. He is saving up for one, but with the rate of $3 a week it is going to take a while. Boy do I feel for the kid, it makes my heart weak. The thing I want to do is run to the store and buy one, but what does that solve? I know nothing.
It so reminds me of all the things I wanted when I was a kid.
Some things are etched in my memories for ever, let me tel you, hubby and I both have those stories and mine make me laugh.
There we go,
One year I really really wanted a skateboard. My parents told me "too expensive, and where would you go to play with it?" good I have to agree now, the street in front of our house is cobblestones!! bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbumpy for a skateboard. But still I kept asking for it. Dad came up with his own version, he made me one out off a piece of wood and (get this) old wheels from a shopping cart. One problem those wheels are going all over the place, not the same thing that the cool wheels from a real skateboard.
The next year for my Sinterklaas I really, really wanted a gold ring with those color full gems.
And again I was told, "way to expensive" and again my dear Dad came up with his own solution,
He cut off a little ring of a copper pipe, perfect fit for my finger, he soldered on some of my mom's pins she used for sewing (you know the kind with the glass heads) and voila a ring.
I wore it for a week, my finger went really green, then I had to take it off.
Oh, how I wish I knew where that little ring was, I would treasure it forever!!!
And because I do not know how to make a DS from my crafting supplies, I am knitting him a little bird. He picked it out of one of my new knitting books.
I love my little man!!