Sunday, September 30, 2007


After a day of shopping, we just needed some beer, and a BBQ. T loved his jawbreaker we bought at the jellybean store. A and I where less impressed with the sample of roasted garlic jellybean that J tried. Man, we could smell him a mile away!! When we came home we fired up the BBQ and played outside for a while. It was so much fun to see the little one pick up a spider and hand it to his unsuspecting mom, who looked at what her son handed her and squeaked like a little kid!! The men had some beer and a good talk about meat, T who of course was listening asked if a vegetarian only eats vegetables, than if you would eat meat you are a "meat-atarian". Makes sense, but J explained that he was a carnivore. T replied that he was not "an animal"!
We had lots of meat of course because we are all meat-atarians, and we had the most delicious bread balls, a must with every BBQ.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Two more pictures from Yesterday, I knitted two more hats and of course they had to be modeled. Today the house is empty, my family left for a couple of days. So this afternoon we took care of some errands and cooked dinner. Now we are ready to sit down and relax a bit for the evening and enjoy all the new shows on TV tonight. Wonder what we will end up watching.
Maybe "Dancing with the stars" or on the other hand maybe not. But one thing is for sure there will be knitting tonight.
And did I mention I need new shoes, after a full year with only flip-flops and furry floppy boots to wear after my broken foot, I NEED shoes. Last week I managed to get blisters the size of my pinkie toe on almost every toe that is not in bandages due to my broken toe. (are we still following?) And every morning before I go to work the question is "what shoes to wear?".
Oh, well if I find the time to go shopping sometime this year, I'll buy me a pair of comfy, nice looking, office appropriate shoes.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunny day

How fast a week can go when you are really busy and having a cold on top of it. I started my job on Monday, and the CELT testing began right away. It is so hard for those kids that not speak English and beginning Kindergarten to be tested by someone they have never seen. But we managed and by Friday all grades were tested and next week I have to score everything.So far I love it! Yesterday it rained, so we went to the bookstore for some reading and we went out for dinner. Today the weather was nice again and we headed out for some pictures. We wanted some from the boys together (Christmas is just around the corner) Of course it is hard to have the both cooperate, but hey some bribing and funny faces did the trick.
I took tons of pictures and will post another one tomorrow.
Right now my coffee is waiting, the most needed caffeine!
Tomorrow, my sister her husband and the baby will leave for a couple of days to do some sightseeing in beautiful California.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

flower power

And even with visitors the knitting goes on...... The fall issue from Knitty is on, that's where I fell in love with this little hat.
Sooooo cute!
Tonight it is time to fire up the BBQ. T invited out neighbor, just because it was fun, and what are parents to do then? Keep the invite and fire up the grill. The meat is marinating as we speak and Ome J and Dad J are trading in the gas for a full one. Ours was empty and with an empty gas tank it takes so very long to cook the meat.
I even baked a cake (caramel pecan) and the house is full of its smell!!
and after our winery visit we will take some bottles home and have a really good evening.
Tomorrow my first day of work, did I mention it already??
I am so looking forward to this job. It gets me out of the house and it is during school hours, so I don't have to put T in daycare.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The arts and crafts fair at San Juan Bautista Monterey road by night.

Our weekend is filled with outings, in a little while we are going to the winery again to hang out with our friends. On Friday night we went downtown for some music. It was lots of fun, we sat outside enjoying all the kids playing and dancing to the music. Saturday morning it was off to the craft fair at SJB. I just love that little old town, with its very characteristic buildings and the chickens in the street. We ate lunch and watched the people and cars go by. For T we bought some very cool bracelets with real bugs inside!! One has a scorpion and the other one a scarab beetle. Hey, and they even glow in the dark!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Got Grapes??

Aunty A and K at the winery
Yesterday we took a little trip to the boot-barn, went gaga over all the different kinds of footwear and afterwards we stopped for lunch at Jefferey's. After lunch we still had an hour before T came out of school and what to do with an hour to spare? What better time killer that a visit to the winery, walk around a little bit (family) and sit and chat (me) and of course the men did a little tasting of the wines. A bottle of almond champagne went home with us, and will be emptied some time this weekend (I hope).
Today we did groceries and some housecleaning, so the weekend can be spend with different outings and hanging around the house.
Monday I start working, at a local elementary school as a assessment Para. Kids watch out!! here I come..........

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guess what??

Guess what food items where had at dinner tonight by K?

And yes, one was dinner (the under laying red layer) and the other one desert. We had a day of driving around in the morning, visiting some stores . Of course we made a stop at the LSS. There are layouts to be made tonight, I have to finish the LO's for the store and A is going to make a mini album from their stay here.

We also stopped by the 99c store to walk around the goodies, and afterwards we picked up T from school because it was early day. Now we are ready to eat the home made pizza's I made, yummmmmmmm.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who is here

Look who is here!! Our oh, so cute nephew! oh, yeah his parents came too.
I forgot how cute a one year old is. He says "auto" and points his finger at all the cars that pass by. Lucky for him he is in car country here!
On his first day, we went shopping for diapers and baby food. He tasted his first goldfish and cheerio. And in the afternoon they went to the playground Big nephew in tow.
T at first was just a tad shy, but today he is his old chatty self again, and Auntie A had her first lesson in playing the DS.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Getting ready

We are getting ready for our visitors, it is going slowly but we will get there.

I have to stop and put an Ice-pack on my foot every time and then elevate my foot, before I can do more work.

But the room is almost cleared out, my friend is picking up the spare dinner table we have, so there is more room to play for our little Nephew.

The rest of the house needs cleaning too, but with my toe it is really difficult to walk.

It just has to wait.

The Lick Fire is now on 47,436 acres, the haze is still here although not that bad as the first few days the wind is blowing the other way. You can find all the statistics here.

Luckily it is almost contained and nobody got seriously hurt.
On the knitting front, I finished a pair of these, the pattern is called Dashing from Knitty and really easy.
I like them so much that after this pair I am going to knit another pair in a pretty color for me!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Our sunshine is blocked by smoke, this is how it looked like at around four this afternoon. Strange feeling, if you look outside it is orange. Hopefully it will get better soon, 12.000 acres burned so far. And luckily no one is seriously hurt so far.
T is working on his homework assignment. "write a silly newspaper article" His is about T-9 the classroom rat that suddenly starts to talk. I love his little stories they are so much fun.
He is also working on his test next week 100 multiplications in 5 minutes, from the tables 1 trough 12. If he passes he is exempt from the next test in multiplications.
And while on the school subject, I signed up my sister and brother-in-law for the lunch BBQ. That way they can experience the whole "lunch-at-school" thing with about 500 kids!! and just about 200 of them will be eating with them!!

Lick Fire - Vegetation Fire - SCU-005214

another one from lick observatory

Lick Fire

from the life cam from Lick observatory on monday

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

lick fire

This is the view from our neighborhood, and believe me the pictures do not even show the whole smoke cloud. These were taken at around 7.30 tonight. The fire started yesterday and today the fire has spread and is only 10 percent contained.
It is called the "Lick fire". We are hoping the fire does not spread more in the coming days. And we also hope there will be no one seriously hurt in this fire.
The fire fighters have set up camp in Christmas Hill park, and they will be there for as long as this fire rages. Everywhere you drive into town there are firetrucks from all over California.
In a couple of days my Sister, brother in law and my nephew will be here! It will be a house full of people and lots and lots of pictures!!