Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to every one! Sorry for the delay in blogging but we have been busy packing the decorations, the tree and the lights outside. And we did the groceries today, always a not so fun activity!

It is raining here and not the little drizzle we usually get this is for CA standards a downpour or a "Storm". When we where driving to the grocery store I reminded T that in the Netherlands this is just called rain and I had to go to school on my bike no matter what kind of weather it was. We always think of it when they call for "storms" here. The wind and rain and snow and frost we had to live trough was much worse than this. And I have to say I love this weather, call me crazy but I love to have it rain really hard, and sit on the couch and watch it. T and I went to Blockbuster and rented some movies for this weekend and enjoy them while sitting on the couch under the blanked and with some hot cocoa. Just the three of us, laughing and watching movies and talk, we are looking forward to a night of movies!! We even got J join into the fun!!
T wanted to play outside this afternoon and of course what is more fun than playing in the rain and jump puddles?? So that was what he did, while I watched from the warm indoors, with camera in hand!!

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